Crossfit: Will Crossfit Workouts Help You Grow?

The camaraderie associated with CrossFit workouts is one factor that makes them one of the most effective and fun. Challenging exercises become more manageable as a group. And even though you will still get the same benefits when doing it solo, the intensity is more within a group. There’s an element of encouragement to push further and complete a particular goal.

There are different types of CrossFit workouts, but the common theme is doing high-intensity reps within a short period. Let’s admit it, the exercises are hard, but when did something good come easy?

I have been a fan of CrossFit workouts, and I have been wondering whether they have any effect on growing tall. We explore that question more in this article. But first, let’s learn what CrossFit workouts are all about.

A bit of history about CrossFit workouts

The year 2000 is when the company, CrossFit was started by Greg Glassman. The primary goal of the workouts is to provide all-round athleticism to make you better in the sport or activity.

Greg discovered that he achieved more when he deviated from the typical body weight workouts to include non-weight workouts such as cycling and other favorite cardio exercises.

Among the popular types of CrossFit workouts include, ‘Every Minute on the minute,’ where an individual performs different reps at the run of the clock. All the exercises are at similar intervals and don’t necessarily have to begin at the start of every minute.

‘As many rounds as possible’ is all about completing a particular exercise regimen as many times as possible within a specific period. It tests your agility and mental resolve.

The ‘rounds for time’ involves doing many rounds as fast as possible. These CrossFit exercises enhance muscle endurance.

In chipper, the high reps are complemented with one-round series of exercises to be completed within the shortest time possible. This is a muscle building regimen.

On the other hand, the ladder involves increasing or decreasing the rounds in a particular workout, such as counting from 10 to 1 in goblet squats.

Tabata is quite popular, and it involves 20 seconds of workouts that alternate with 10 seconds of rest. These are fat-burning exercises that you can achieve the most within a short time.

The benefits and risks of CrossFit workouts

One of the benefits of CrossFit workouts is muscle building and burning fat. CrossFit workouts are quite intensive, but the results make the effort, all worth it. You burn a lot of calories in every session and losing weight as a walk in the park.

A well-sculpted body is the envy of everyone, and it is a fringe benefit of CrossFit workouts.

The risks, and even though rare, include the musculoskeletal injuries. Those who follow the rigorous workout plans usually are at risk of getting an injury such as broken bones or muscle tear. Fatigue is another disadvantage of the workout, as the adherents do not get enough time to recover. It requires people that are resolute and ready to push through to completion. Those that are just starting may not find it easy, and there is always this risk of pulling out.

Will CrossFit workouts help me get taller?

Intense workouts enhance the production of body hormones that regulate various body systems such as sleep cycles, growth of cartilage, and bone growth. Healthy sleep cycles and the growth of cartilage is what contribute to growing tall.

Undoubtedly, CrossFit workouts are quite intense, and you can quickly lose weight if you stick to the program. A leaner body is critical to growing a few inches in height. Research shows that overweight boys are likely to experience slow height growth, and they may not reach their height potential by the close of puberty.

CrossFit also enhances flexibility, and stretching exercises are part of it. Therefore, the various activities stretch and compress the spine, and strengthen the core to maintain a good posture, and appear taller.

Final Thoughts on Crossfit

CrossFit workouts are the best option for those people that want to lose weight, stay fit, become muscular, and add a few inches to their height. The intense exercises enhance the production of the body hormones that help with healthy sleep cycles, cartilage, and bone growth that contribute to a better height. Combining CrossFit with a balanced diet, and supplements will help you achieve a ripped body and grow taller, and that is what most want to achieve.