Does Swimming Make You Taller?

Back in the day, parents used to encourage their children to participate in particular sports, and to make sure that they eat their veggies. Plus a glass of milk used to cap what was a growing-tall formula.

A balanced diet that includes foods rich in calcium and magnesium are critical to growing bodies. That is where the milk comes in as it is or rich in calcium, and proteins necessary to help in growth. But what about the games?

According to urban myth, basketball and swimming are two crucial games that help individuals grow tall. Most parents know this, and they encourage their children to be basketballers or swimmers.

But really, is there any truth in the link between swimming and growing tall?

How swimming helps you become tall

Swimming is one of those activities that involve every muscle in the body, and that is why you will see many ardent swimmers with well-toned bodies.

Swimming helps get rid of excess calories, and that translates to better growth. Studies show that obese teenage boys have trouble reaching the optimal height.

It is also when you are doing such intense activities that your body produces the various critical hormones to service the muscles and bones. In particular, the growth hormone maintains the bones and joints and helps enhance their growth. The cartilage increases in height and volume, and the bones become long when there is sufficient amounts of growth hormone.

Some people may argue that swimming is the purest form of exercise, and may not have the same effect with weight lifting. However, that is not the case, and the activity is as challenging as possible. The hydrostatic pressure in the water is constant throughout, and you have to put some reasonable effort to move from one place to the other, and that is what engages the various muscles. More specifically, the legs, back, and arms get the most workout, and that is why you see Olympic swimmers with well-developed upper bodies.

Another way that swimming helps is by stretching, which is similar to basketball and yoga.

But why is stretching that occurs when swimming that critical to growing tall?

You’re required to stretch your hands, your neck, and spine when swimming. This has a positive effect on the spine as it helps decompress. A decompressed spine provides sufficient space for cartilage growth and bone increase.

And unlike any other exercise, your body experiences less gravitational pull because you are floating on the water. Less gravitational pull also helps decompress the spine, and you can maintain the right posture as a result.

Breathing in and out

Swimming engages various muscle groups in the body, and that demands a significant amount of oxygen to create energy. More demand for oxygen makes you breathe in and out deeply as you swim. The deep breathing helps get rid of free radicals, and new cells can regenerate as a result. Your body also repairs damaged cells, and you become healthy and taller.

Which is the best swimming style for a tall stature?

Any swimming Style will enhance height growth, but many professionals will agree that breaststroke is the most productive in that regard. Breaststroke engages every muscle in the body and stretches various parts to help in decompressing the spine and removing any tension within the tissues.

The butterfly stroke may also have the same effect, but it is the best for stretching. Your body gets flexible and helps maintain the right posture to be productive. The backstroke is also efficient in keeping your head above the water while the arms and the legs do all the work. It is, therefore, possible to maintain the right posture after the swimming exercise. There’s proper decompression of the spine, and the stretching of the muscles to help with blood circulation and cell division.


Just like basketball, swimming helps in getting taller. The activity engages various muscle groups to burn calories and keep leaner as well as healthier. Swimming also enhances the production of growth hormone that plays a critical role in growth. You also stretch the various body parts when swimming to decompress the spine, maintain the right posture, and help in blood circulation to every part of the body to enhance growth. So, there is your answer.