About Height Growth Club.

Eric Dawson

Hi! I’m Eric.

Hello There!

I’m Eric Dawson, the owner and operator of the Height Growth Club. Happy to have you here.

There are hundreds of people all around the world looking to add a few inches to their height.

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re one of them. I was too!

Unfortunately, most of the available information regarding height growth is a tad bit confusing (and in some cases discouraging). As one of the shortest persons among my peers growing up, I was always eager to learn how I could be on par with them and grow.

For many years, I tried unsuccessfully for some time to change up my diet and exercise routine to find a solution. But with no luck.

It eventually dawned on me that my efforts were in vain. Most of the available information I came across online talked about the fusion of bones after puberty, and how it was practically impossible to add any more height beyond this stage.

My parents being short didn’t help matters. Their parents before them were also shorter than most, and it seemed that my fate was pretty much sealed. But I did not give up. I continued to relent with my search for information and trying the different methods suggested, hoped for a breakthrough.

As they say, “persistent drops of water will eventually break a stone.” I was eventually able to figure out a few methods that proved to have potential. And through continuous testing, my efforts paid off.

I was finally able to become taller in a way that I never thought possible, and it was no miracle. If you’re wondering, yes, I eventually grew taller than my parents, defying the gene theory – A sweet victory!

Diet and exercise changes were a part of the solution (but only particular exercises help).

So why this website?

I created it to share the different methods so that others can have similar results too.

Browse around, and you’ll find various pages that chronicle my journey and what works and doesn’t to help you be a shoulder above the rest, also.

You can thank me later! Ready. Set. Grow!